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“Product-Money-Product” is a business and inventory software designed for complete control over operations in wholesale, retail, and combined retail environments—from small kiosks to large supermarkets.

This Program enables users to handle and manage all types of sales and inventory transactions

track cash flow manage customer accounts maintain necessary documentation and generate diverse reports.

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Product money product 2022 ver. English Present Pvision
Wireshark 2023 4.0.6 ver. English, Others Present Gerald Combs Portable, PC
Key Features
  • Accounting for incoming goods
  • Automatic calculation of the cost of goods, including all expenses
  • Registration of goods receipt at selected warehouses
  • Ability to specify sizes (for clothing, shoes, etc.) and serial numbers (for cell phones, computers, etc.) of goods
  • Configuration of up to ten retail, wholesale, and additional prices
  • Handling of product sets
  • Goods transfer between warehouses
  • Management of retail, wholesale, and inventory sales
  • Goods reservation and return, including consignment notes
  • Order creation for suppliers
  • Goods write-off with FIFO, LIFO, and maximum cost methods
  • Customer settlement control and debt management
  • Cash and non-cash accounting in cash desks and bank accounts
  • Maintenance of primary documentation (payment orders, invoices, sales receipts, etc.)
  • Analytical reporting on goods receipt, sales profit, warehouse balances, debts, and price lists
  • Customizable document forms and report generation
  • Reference information management (company details, product data, units of measurement)
  • Support for multiple currencies and import/export from MS Excel
  • Database search system for information retrieval
  • Cash register compatibility

Versatility and Use Cases

  • Suitable for various trade and procurement activities
  • Applicable in both retail and wholesale
  • Suitable for assembly production using purchased materials
  • Useful for service-oriented organizations
  • Allows customization of enterprise structure with unlimited retail outlets (warehouses)
  • Stores all reference information
  • Includes a built-in report editor

Additional Information

  • Low hardware requirements for installation and operation
  • Multi-level information security system
  • Easy to learn: Can be mastered in a day, even by those new to computers

Additional Information:

  • Local / KG / Update

System Requirements

  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Processor: P2-450MHz

Product Money Product Full Version Torrent Download

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  8. Before extracting the software, ensure that your antivirus software is temporarily disabled to prevent it from interfering with any necessary files.

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